DERBY STYLE HOUSE is an organic combination of style, functionality and comfort. One of the basics of working on this project is attention to detail. The company’s specialists carefully selected high-quality building materials from world manufacturers, used modern construction technologies according to European standards.



It stands out for its style and exquisite taste. Designed specifically for those looking for a quiet, secluded spot. This is a unique oasis of peace and quiet, hidden away from the dynamic metropolis. There, outside the territory of the residential complex, life is constantly raging.

In your own modern apartment, you yourself control the atmosphere and mood, create your own personal world. There is no need to prove to anyone who you are, this place will say it for you. DERBY STYLE HOUSE is a unique phenomenon that is difficult to compare with something that already exists.


If you look at the DERBY STYLE HOUSE project, then it immediately becomes clear – this is an amazing combination of the smallest puzzles of great work. These small details form the incredible overall picture of the architectural ensemble. The best specialists in the areas of construction, interior design and landscape worked on the development of the project

This warm brick house provides excellent sound insulation, the walls of double red bricks will be insulated with mineral wool, and each apartment will have autonomous heating.


The arrangement of the outer space of DERBY STYLE HOUSE deserves special attention. Creative landscape designers were involved in its development.

Cozy recreation areas have been created near the houses. The smallest residents of the complex can have fun at designer playgrounds, the only ones in Odessa.

There are also dedicated areas for various sports. A lot of green areas, walking paths are created for pleasant relaxation in the fresh air in the company of relatives and friends.

Capacious underground parking will be built on the territory of the residential complex, and convenient parking spaces for your guests will be located on the adjacent territory


Residents of DERBY STYLE HOUSE are comfortable and convenient. And this is proved by the developed infrastructure both inside and outside the complex.

For residents with children, the presence of nearby schools, kindergartens and medical institutions will be relevant. Everything you need can be found here any minute.

On the territory of the residential complex, its own Shopping and Entertainment Center is being created with all the necessary infrastructure facilities: pharmacies, fashionable brand stores, a large supermarket, bank branches, beauty salons. There is also a huge fitness club with a sports pool on the territory.


Residential Complex DERBY STYLE HOUSE is located in the prestigious district of Odessa – Bolshoi Fontan. Nearby – Odessa hippodrome, to the sea – 10 minutes, to Deribasovskaya – 15 minutes, within walking distance of two parks